Tips To Make Your Living Room Bigger And Brighter

Tips To Make Your Living Room Bigger And Brighter

Are you planning to design your living room and want to make it look bigger and brighter? Designing a living room with limited space is a challenging task, then how do transform your space? In this blog, we have discussed tips that will help to make your living space room feel bigger, airy and brighter. 

When planning to upgrade the interiors of your home, you should hire professional and expert interior designers. DIY interior design methods can lead to costly mistakes in the long run and transforming your space requires expertise, knowledge, and the right decision making. You can hire Ryan Creative Living, a top-rated interior design company specializing in transforming residential and commercial spaces.

Living Room Interior Design: Tips To Make Your Space Look Bigger

The family room is the center point of any home and is where the family gathers and guests are entertained in. Still, not all living rooms are made in the same way, and some may appear to be small and dark. However, don’t worry! Through the right decisions of design and home decor, making your living room feel larger and brighter can be achieved. This blog will help you with effective tips to upgrade your living room.

  • Choose The Right Color Palette

One of the best ways to transform your living room is by choosing the right colors from neutral to vibrant ones. Neutral and soft colors are in trend and they also help in making space look bigger and spacious. Choosing light colors such as soft greys, pale blues, or creamy whites for the walls and big furniture is a great idea for the living room to look and feel larger and brighter.

These colors help to make the living room airy and open. Touching up your decorating with throw pillows, artwork, or area rugs in matching shades of color is one of the interesting things one can do. Your living room will appear more spacious and warm if the living room is light and neutral on the main aspects.

  • Declutter And Simplify

Declutter and organizing are the most effective living room interior design ideas. Just by eliminating old furniture and investing in simple ones, you will be able to create a unit with better natural light and an open space. This, in turn, will make the room feel spacious and light. Go for furniture constructed as simply and elegantly as possible, having clear lines and neutral colors that are helpful.

To free your living room from clutter, you must be ready to allow for minimalism and keep the things that you truly need. Add some thoughts of adding greenery with woody tones always make the room look more spacious.

  • Use Mirrors

Mirrors can help in Living room interior design and can make your living room look bigger and brighter by reflecting natural light. To create the illusion of a larger space place mirrors on walls across from windows or doors in your living room. The one you select should be of good quality, should be big, and should add depth to small living rooms.

Decorate your walls with mirrors that match your decor for a stylish touch. Brilliantly shine the light around your room through multiple mirrors, placed on a gallery wall great for a focal point and more light reflection. Every space has a different identity. Choose the best one for your space and style by playing with various shapes and sizes.

  • Smart Storage Solutions

Another effective way to make your living room bigger and more spacious is by having smart storage solutions. The use of smart storage, a space-saving solution is one of the potential ways to bring more space into the living room by saving and organizing space and light utilization among many options.

For example, you may purchase ottomans or coffee tables, which come along with secret storage spaces under them to keep your living room organized and to have extra space for all your knick-knacks and even serve your guests. In this way, you will be able to retain the environment crisp and clear along with keeping function.

  • Light Textures And Textiles

For your living room to look bigger and to be more radiant, you can use light textiles and textures. Opt for sheer curtains such that the natural light will come in and the room will be airy. Opt for furniture in light colors like white and pastels, so that they can reflect light and create a more spacious feel. Use a throw blanket, rug, and pillows to add texture to soft fabrics like cotton or linen.

These things will significantly improve the visual appeal of the room, and warmth will be provided in the absence of crowding. With the light textures and textiles of your living room, you can dwell in a place that is embracing and evidence of a refreshing and sunny place to be at.

  • Get The Right Lighting

If you want to make your living room more spacious and full of light, the formula is to be precious with the right lighting choice. First of all, mix general, task, and accent, to get layers that meet everyone’s different needs. Soft lighting is ideal for today’s rather passive temperaments.

Task lighting is already practically the indicator of a place and particular activities like reading a book or working, etc. Choose fixtures that can be swiveled, tilted, or turned on and off to adjust the intensity and angle of light you need.


When planning for living room interior design, there are many things you need to consider. From choosing the right colors to using mirrors and minimalist furniture. You should also focus on getting the right lighting, textures, and textiles that help to make your living space look bigger and brighter. One of the best ways to transform and design your living room is by hiring professional interior designers like Ryan Creative Living. 

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