Discover The Most Popular Interior Design Styles In INDIA


India is known for designs, be it royal or trendy. An essential part of the luxurious lifestyle today is interiors of the house. Every city, every neighbourhood, every homemaker has a different mindset when it comes to interior design.

We’ve picked the most popular styles in India, namely Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Funky and Minimalist, and have defined their characteristics. So, next time when you buy a new house or wish to redesign your old house, you know what you would like to do with it.


Contemporary Popular Interior Design style refers to something that is relevant today. Current trends define this style and it keeps on changing with time. Talking about 2017, a contemporary home would have larger windows, elements with abstract shapes and a design that is in harmony with the surroundings. Comfort and sustainability are the two key parameters for the contemporary style of design.


First things first, a lot of people think contemporary and modern Interior Design styles are the same, but they are not. Modern style refers to a specific period (created in the 1920′s – 1950′s) when the aesthetic values of Interior Decor were changing from Indian traditional to being influenced by the West. Modern style is clean, sleek, unadorned interiors. The overall interiors are very airy owing to open and high-rise style of furniture.

And although Contemporary and Modern are two different styles of Interior Design, here’s how you can mix the two and make it look awesome.


One of the most popular styles of design even today, traditional design has a European influence. Overwhelmed with rich dark colors and regal furniture design, it is everything that speaks of class. Most traditional designs also use ornate and architectural elements to complete the look. Symmetry and balance are the two key parameters for the traditional style of design. All the pieces of furniture are aligned to an important focal point.


Youthful, vibrant and chic, funky Interior Design is where you get the ‘cool’ vibe. Every piece is a statement in itself but it is blended with pieces having similar attributes, making the entire ensemble look fresh and eye-catchy. Most Bollywood celebrities have their homes in Mumbai designed keeping in mind the funky style.


Best defined as “less is more”, this style of design has gained popularity over time. It’s all about minimal furniture, calming colors, natural textures and soft shapes. With cities getting crowded and denser, people living in apartments prefer the best use of the available space, that’s where minimalist decor plays a vital role. It is smartly designed to make your home feel like it has more open space.

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