15+ Living Room Tiles Design Ideas for Your Interiors

15+ Living Room Tiles Design Ideas for Your Interiors

The living area is a bustling hub within the home, requiring careful attention to ensure comfort, warmth and revitalization. It is important to choose a material that is flexible and low-maintenance. Choosing tiles can infuse style and character into your living space. Hall tiles, known for their durability and easy maintenance, are a wise choice, especially for high traffic areas. At Ryan Creative Living, a diverse range of living room tiles awaits, offering different sizes, colors, materials, textures, prices and designs.

The prices of these hall tiles start from Rs 39 per square foot and go up to Rs 356 per square foot. Demanding options include PGVT Endless Statuario White, PGVT Crystal White Marble, PGVT Armani Marble Blue DK, PGVT Armani Marble Blue LT and PGVT Armani Marble Steel Blue.

Ryan Creative Living offers a selection of living room tiles, including vitrified and ceramic varieties. Common hall tile sizes include 600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 800x1200mm, 250x375mm, 145x600mm and more. Explore 15+ Living Room Tiles Design Ideas for Your Interiors.

Explore our selection of living room tile designs to inspire your dream home. Ryan Creative Living presents a collection of hand-picked, distinctive living room tile design ideas that blend inspiration with practicality.

Ceramic Floor Tiles Design With A Glossy Finish
Ceramic Living Room Tile Design For Walls
Contemporary Glossy Beige Floor Tiles Design For Living Rooms
Contemporary Square-Shaped Floor Tiles Design With A Glossy Finish
Durable Ceramic Tiles Design With A Glossy Finish
Glossy Beige Living Room Tile Design
Glossy Ceramic Floor Tiles Design For Modern Homes
Living Room Floor Tiles Design With A Matte Finish
Low-Maintenance Modern Marble Floor Tiles Design
Modern Beige Ceramic Tiles With A Glossy Finish
Modern Marble Floor Tiles Design In A Soothing Cream Colour
Modern Marble Floor Tiles Design With A Glossy Finish
Modern Neutral-Toned Living Room Floor Tiles
Spacious White Modern Living Room Tile Design
Square-Shaped Ceramic Living Room Tile Design

FAQs for Tile Design Ideas

Question: How to select tiles for the living room?

Answer: When choosing tile for your living room, it’s important to start by deciding which type of tile best suits your space. Whether you choose ceramic, vitrified, forever, double charged, germ-free, or any other variety, the choice is yours. Once you have made this decision, you can proceed to select the tile design. After these initial steps, the next consideration is the size of the tile. If you want to make the room more spacious, it is advisable to choose larger size tiles. After this, you can focus on selecting color combinations, finishes, textures and other details keeping in mind the requirements of your space.

Question: How to select tiles for the living room?

Answer: Ryan Creative Living offers a wide range of Hall Tiles loaded with many beneficial features. Crafted using state-of-the-art technology, these tiles boast of exceptional durability and longevity. Their low water-absorption properties make them easily cleanable with just a damp cloth or mop. Additionally, our living room tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also capable of transforming your space as per your preferences.

Question: What type of tiles are best for the living room?

Answer: The living room, being a high-traffic area, demands durable flooring options. Vitrified tiles or Forever tiles are excellent choices, renowned for their resilience against heavy foot traffic and longevity. On the contrary, ceramic tiles prove to be ideal for decorating living room walls. Ryan Creative Living offers a variety of options to enhance your living space.

Question: What colour tiles are best for living rooms?

Answer: If you are fond of light colors, consider choosing soft colors like cream, beige, white or gray for your living room. An attractive decoration scheme can be created by mixing different colors. Alternatively, choose darker colors like black, gray or dark brown to make a bold statement in the room. Remember, at Ryan Creative Living, we are here to help you design your ideal space.

Question: What colour paint goes with the beige tile living room?

Answer: In a living room decorated with beige tiles, choosing a vibrant color can create a captivating combination. Consider rich colors like maroon, navy blue or emerald green. Alternatively, for a cleaner aesthetic, neutral colors like white or gray can be adopted. This subtle option will provide a gentle essence to your living space while filling it with sophistication and sophistication.

Recommendations for Living Room Tiles Designs

  • Combine dark highlighter tiles with plain tiles to create an eye-catching wall design.
  • Use patterned tiles to create attractive walls in the living area.
  • Choose Statuario marble tiles for both floors and walls to achieve a luxurious ambiance.
  • Decorate the living room walls with elevated tiles for timeless beauty, choosing from brick, stone or bamboo designs.
  • To add a natural element to the space, install wooden wall tiles to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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