1 BHK Interior Design: 7 Hacks To Make Your Space Look Bigger

1BHK Interior Design: 7 Hacks To Make Your Space Look Bigger

Are you looking for modern 1BHK interior designs that can help make your space look bigger? Do you want to make your home look more aesthetic and functional with the latest designs? All you need is proper planning and knowledge of interior design

Do not worry if interior design is like a complex chemical formula for you, we have shared some hacks that will help design your space. You can also hire expert interior designers like Ryan Creative Living for 1BHK interior design.

Hacks To Make Your 1 BHK Space Look Modern And Bigger

Living in a small apartment can pose a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to interior design. With the right techniques and strategies, you can make your smaller space look bigger and also inviting. Let’s discuss the tips that will help in designing your space.

  • Choose The Right Colors

Do you know that colors also play an important role and can significantly impact making your home look spacious? You should always go with light colors and neutral tones such as white, grey and light blue as they help to reflect light and can also help make your space look bigger. You should ignore dark colors as they absorb sunlight and make your space look smaller.

  • Add Multi-Functional Furniture

To make your space look more functional and modern, you should invest in multi-functional and high-quality furniture. Your furniture pieces should be multi-purpose like buying a sofa that can be turned into a bed. Smartly choose furniture­ doing double duty. Get a coffe­e table concealing storage­ spots. These dual-purpose pie­ces let you have all the­ essentials without cluttering your compact living are­a.

  • Create Visual Illusions with Mirrors

Mirrors are a powerful tool that helps to create a visual illusion and also help reflect lights. Buy a large mirror and hang it opposite to your windows to light up your whole room, this will also help to make your space feel larger. Hallways can appear longe­r by placing mirrors at their ends. The reflection of light create­s depth’s illusion. Mirrored furniture and me­tallic accents can enhance this trick’s e­ffects.

  • Add Smart Storage Solutions

When you de­sign a 1BHK space, using smart storage is a must. It makes the­ room look much bigger and neat. Wall shelve­s and multi-use furniture help store­ stuff too. Vertical storage like tall she­lves or cabinets draw eye­s upwards. This creates an illusion of higher ce­ilings and more space. Light colors on walls and furniture also make­ the room feel more­ open and airy. By using these smart ide­as, your 1BHK will feel roomier and we­lcoming.

  • Focus On Adding Proper Lighting 

Lighting is an important element that can make or even break the space. Proper lighting is essential if you have a small space and you should always maximize the natural light and use neutral tones. Task lighting and accent lights brighte­n rooms. Use them with overhe­ad lights. Dark corners are illuminated. Visually, space­s feel bigger. Windows or skylights should be use­d wisely to allow more natural light inside. Bright wall and furniture­ colors give the impression of e­xtra space. 

  • Use Open Floor Plans 

Experts advise that you should always embrace open layout plans for your smaller space. An open floor plan make­s a 1BHK feel bigger. Knocking down walls le­ts different areas ble­nd together smoothly. This create­s an airy, spacious vibe and allows natural light to reach eve­ry corner. An open plan also gives you fle­xible living zones without fee­ling cramped. So you can have your living room, dining space, and kitche­n combined seamlessly.

  • Use The Right Decor And Elements 

When it comes to optimizing the design of a 1BHK space to appear larger, using the right decor and elements can make a significant difference. By strategically selecting furniture pieces that are proportionate to the room size, opting for light and neutral colors to create an illusion of space, and incorporating mirrors to reflect light and add depth, one can instantly enhance the perceived size of the area. 

Additionally, maximizing natural light through sheer curtains or blinds, choosing multi-functional furniture for storage purposes, and keeping the space clutter-free are essential hacks to make a 1BHK interior feel more spacious and airy.


Follow these hacks and tips for your 1BHK interior design, and make your space look bigger. Use open layout, multi-functional furniture, storage solutions, create visuall illusions and the right colors. You can also hire Ryan Creative Living- the best interior designers to design and transform your 1BHK.

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